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Cradle2Crayon Infant School

Cradle 2 Crayon Infant School

Every Child is Different. Every Mind is Unique. Each learning is Unique to build the RIGHT Foundation for each child

We provide a safe and loving place where your child can learn, play and develop in a nurturing, secure and inspiring environment.

At Cradle 2 Crayon Infant School, we are dedicated to meeting the needs of the children in our care, as well as their families. To ensure we provide the very best service, we strive to achieve the goals set by the national Early Years Foundation Stage; to provide a safe, warm, loving and caring environment where your child can progress steadily through the various stages of development and be ready for their next stage in life – school.

Our staff are fully qualified professionals and share the values and ethos of our Nursery. With the help of our teachers and care givers, the team get to know the children’s individual needs and quickly form strong emotional and valuable bonds, which helps to ensure a smooth settling in process.

We are confident that your child will be in a happy, safe, loving and stimulating environment for development and growth.

 We look forward to welcoming you.

We are a home away from home school that provides a highly engaging learning environment in a happy and fun manner for 2months to 6years old

We are open Monday to Friday. 51 weeks of the year &  7:00am to 6:00pm with flexible fee payment 

Start Your Child’s Learning Experience with Us

We at Cradle 2 Crayon Infant School believe that the early years in any child’s educational journey creates a firm foundation for their future educational success. 

From Infant to PreSchool, we make early learning and daycare activities joyful, engaging & fun. Our learning environment is a vibrant and happy one where children feel safe and comfortable to learn, speak out and feel loved in the early ages of their lives.  

We offer a varied curriculum to support , stretch and and challenge children depending on their individual abilities and preferences so that they grow as happy confident individual from the get go.

Our learning experience is a blend of EYFS with emphasis on individual abilities and key learning components for early years foundation to foster and develop a child’s own interests and learn vital skills, such as, independence, problem solving and creativity.

Why You Should

Choose Us

  • We create the PERFECT learning environment that is homely, loving, warm and friendly environment for children to become independent learners and confident individuals 
  • We are the friendliest, playful and joyous nursery in Lekki Lagos that supports the natural ability for a child to learn
  • We provide a mother-like care to all infants and children in our care
  • We open for longer hours and calendar days: 51weeks a year – 7:00 to 6:00pm Monday to Friday
  • We have a highly engaging learning environment with qualified teachers and excellent care givers. 
  • We learn through play with no pressure to learn but stretch them to bring out the best in them.  
  • We work in partnership with parents all the time to meet children’s individual needs, development plans to achieve best results for the child and interests.
  • We have a flexible payment system to remove the financial burden some parents may have