As a parent you want to know everything that your child has been up to while they’ve been in our care, so whenever you take your little one home, you’ll receive a detailed handover via our parenting app ILLUMINE. On joining, you will receive a link to download the Illumine app, here you will be able to view your child’s profile and will be kept up to date with daily records of meals, sleep times, nappies and activities enjoyed.

We value the close relationship we have with parents, so in addition to your daily handover, we also hold more formal meetings with parents quarterly a year. We have OPEN DAY with Parents thrice a year, where you will have a chance to meet your child’s teacher and discuss their development. We also send out monthly and quarterly reports to parents, this also enables them to track their child’s development.

We hold monthly Learning Together Events to coincide with days of interest and festivals such as Mother’s/Father’s Day, Children’s Day, Christmas Day, Easter Day.