Our Meal Menu

Food is fuel and here at Cradle 2 Crayon Infant School, we provide freshly cooked dishes every single day. Our qualified and experienced chef prepare from scratch well-balanced and appetizing meals that provide all the nutrients children need to stay in tip-top condition. We believe that it is not only the food that our children eat that encourages good behaviour but also the way the food is served and eaten. To encourage good table manners and eating habits our nursery team eat at the table with the children as we find that even the fussiest of eaters become good eaters when they sit with their friends and carers. Every day children enjoy:
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Healthy Drink
School Fees Details: 2023/24 Session
Print/Download pdf here
Print/Download pdf here
“Children arrive happily at the setting…Key persons work closely with parents and carers resulting in children quickly settling in.”